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Heartbreaking Dawn's 1841 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

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Heartbreaking Dawn's 1841 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

1841 is the year Reverend Miles Bronson arrived amongst the Naga people, ending the practice of headhuntings. The Naga region is the same area the infamous Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) is believed to originate. The high heat and bright citrus notes of fresh red ghost pepper are enhanced by a refreshing and crisp apple and pear foundation. This is the sauce featured in Chef Johnny's multi award winning Loup Garou Cajun Ghost Wings!

This Sauce is All Natural, Gluten Free and Vegan

Heat: 7/10

Ingredients: Pears, applesauce, cider vinegar, ghost peppers, water, onion, carrot, lime juice, sugar, sea salt, garlic, white pepper.