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CaJohns Ghost Pepper Sauce & Hand Sanitizer Pack

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CaJohns Ghost Pepper Sauce & Hand Sanitizer Pack

16oz. Code One Hand Sanitizer + 1 5oz. bottle of CaJohns Classic Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

We have partnered with our hot sauce vendors and they are converting their facility over from hot sauce production to make the new formula of hand sanitizer that is recommended by the FDA and World Health Organization.  We are trying to do our part, both to keep our employees working and to help provide a valuable resource to the public during the coronavirus pandemic.  By purchasing this set, you will help to support the employees of our company and help us keep the lights on!

About the manufacturing:

The code one hand sanitizer is manufactured to the specifications of the FDA and World Health Organization with a concentration of 80% alcohol by content.  With a higher alcohol concentration, this hand sanitizer is designed to be more effective than typical sanitizers that are 60% alcohol by content.  The FDA and WHO believe that this concentration is needed in order to fight the coronavirus.

About the Hot Sauce:

Hot Shots Distributing is Charlotte,NC company established in 1998.  We support the craft hot sauce industry and are the backbone for restaurants.  During this time of isolation, we would like for everyone to have a bottle of our sauce to make the home-cooked meals a little more interesting.  We hope that you enjoy the sauce, stay safe, and with God's help we will all get through this!