About Us

Webster defines passion as a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. Hot Shots Distributing was founded in 1992 dedicated to the passion of finding the best small entrepreneur businesses offering the best specialty food products to augment their offerings of established best in class standards of the industry. Founders Dave & Cathy Lutes traveled the country visiting food shows and events to establish their line of offerings. Hot Shots quickly became the leader in specialty sauce distribution worldwide.


Lauren & Matthew Heald are next generation owners of this long established family business. They share the family passion for only the best! This has led them to assemble a group known as  United Sauces that is still driven by passion for the finest in speciality foods from the foremost producers. Some are distributed worldwide, some are favorites coast to coast and some are beloved regional offerings, but each and every one of these lines contain multi awarded, best selling products known for their innovation and taste! A “Best of the Best” group of products offered to you in one place that covers all levels of heat, and a range of flavor that will satisfy even the most demanding palate.


Storied product developers like CaJohn, Johnny McLaughlin, Lottie (Jackie Heath) from Barbados,  Crazy Jerry, Tracy & Shane Best and others who broke the barriers of product conception to turn the world on to innovative flavors and processes are featured here in United Sauces. Joining the group are well known brilliant makers/marketers Burn Sauces, CaBoom!, Captain Thom, Fireworks, Hot Sauce Fanatics, Key West Key Lime, Lizano, Perky Pecker, PETA (people eating tasty animals). Everything from barbecue to hot sauce to marinades to mustard to pickled products and even coffee are included in these offerings!


Backing the distribution is a seasoned crew offering the utmost in customer service and support. You can count on United Sauces to provide not only the best of the best products, but the finest service after the sale!