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BourbonQ - Kentucky Barbecue Sauce

BourbonQ Classic Barbecue Sauce

BourbonQ Classic Barbecue Sauce

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BourbonQ Classic Barbecue Sauce is a popular and award-winning barbecue sauce that has been around since 1990. It has won multiple world championship rib competitions and other local and regional awards. The sauce is known for its smoky Worcestershire and vinegar base, which gives it a robust and tangy flavor.

The sauce is versatile and can be used as a basting sauce or a dipping sauce for various barbecue dishes such as ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and beef. The sauce is suitable for both novice and experienced barbecue enthusiasts, and it can add flavor and depth to any barbecue dish.

With the heartiness of its smoky worcestershire and vinegar base, this basting sauce will open the doors of barbecue to the novice, and endear itself to the “Old School” barbecue masters as well.


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