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Cajohn's Fiery Foods

CaJohn's Black Bean and Corn Ghost Pepper Salsa

CaJohn's Black Bean and Corn Ghost Pepper Salsa

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2015 2nd Place World Champion "Bean & Corn Salsa" Category at the World Hot Sauce Awards!!!

CaJohns’ Black Bean and Corn Salsa is a delicious and high-quality gourmet salsa made from the freshest ingredients. The selection of only the best chipotle chiles, vegetables, fruits, spices and vinegars ensures that this salsa maintains a fresh flavor. The unique cooking process used by CaJohns preserves the freshness of the ingredients, resulting in a salsa that is bursting with flavor.

This salsa is versatile and can be used to enhance the flavor of your chili, or as a dip for chips. The addition of Ghost Pepper adds a fiery kick to this already delicious salsa, making it a must-try for all Ghost Pepper fans.

Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality gourmet salsa that is made with only the freshest ingredients and has a unique and delicious flavor profile, then CaJohns’ Black Bean and Corn Salsa with Ghost Pepper is definitely worth trying.

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