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Cajohn's Fiery Foods

CaJohn's Jolokia Salsa 10

CaJohn's Jolokia Salsa 10

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CaJohn's Jolokia Salsa 10 is a gourmet salsa made with a selection of fresh ingredients including habaneros, jalapeños, and jolokia chilies, vegetables, fruits, spices, and vinegars. The salsa is made using a unique cooking process that helps to maintain the fresh flavor of the ingredients.

This salsa can be used to enhance the flavor of your chili or served with chips for a tasty snack. It is also part of the most awarded line of Gourmet Salsas by CaJohns' Fiery Foods, which has received recognition for its taste and quality.

If you enjoy spicy foods and are looking for a high-quality salsa made with fresh ingredients, CaJohn's Jolokia Salsa 10 is for you ! 

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